What’s new

This is the first stable release for the XDC project.

List of RfCs

  • Important Functionalities:
    • IAM authentication
    • Display user’s deployments
    • Display deployment details, template and log
    • Delete deployment
    • Create new deployment
  • New features:
    • allowed_group in template metadata can be used to control the access to the templates monitoring information displayed for each resource provider service
    • Vault integration: users can manage their credentials for services that are not integrated with INDIGO IAM storing them in Vault
      • new parameters added in the configuration to enable the Vault integration (VAUL_URL, VAULT_ROLE, VAULT_OIDC_AUDIENCE)
    • deployment creation timeout can be set from the Advanced tab panel when configuring the deployment
  • Improvements
    • Improved deployment outputs view
    • Improved SLA view (menu and page renamed in “Resource Providers”)
  • Bug fixed:
    • Parameters are now correctly set in the Orchestrator POST request (e.g. keepLastAttempt, maxProvidersRetry)

Known Issues

  • N/A

Installation methods