What’s new

The new PaaS Orchestrator Dashboard is now stateful, storing statsu information in a MySQL DB. This involves many new features and improvements as detailed bellow.

List of RfCs

  • New features:
    • Database connection for storing the application state, i.e. information about the users and their deployments
    • New views for dashboard administrator(s)
    • New functionalities:
      • send notification to users when the deployment is ready
      • generate/store ssh keys (requires that Vault integration is enabled)
    • New operations and views for deployment management: deployment update, deployment extra information
    • New endpoint /info to get dashboard version
  • Improvements:
    • Code restructured with the introduction of blueprints for users, deployments, providers, vault, etc.
    • Improved configuration management to make customizations easier:
      • ready-to-use profiles for existing use-cases (deep, xdc, recas, infn-cloud)
      • templates and parameters can be easily overwritten for custom profile
    • Improved Vault integration
    • Improved support for different types of deployment, including HPC jobs (QCG)

Known Issues

  • N/A

Installation methods

  • automatic deployment by using the Docker image
  • Services Dependencies
    • Orchestrator >= v2.4.0
    • (Optional) Vault 1.1.2