Welcome to eXtreme-DataCloud releases Documentation

You’ll find here usefull information regarding the eXtreme-DataCloud services and components releases, their schedules, documentation and support.

Release repositories

Artefacts repositories

eXtreme-DataCloud production (stable) repositories:

YUM & APT configuration files are available here or use the xdc-release package to install eXtreme-DataCloud repositories

Release schedule

  • Time-based releases
    • projects’ Major releases - the eXtreme-DataCloud project foresees two major releases, distributions, during its lifetime, at around 10 months since the start of the project.
  • As-soon-as-available
    • components’ Minor/Revision releases - in a project Major release, Development teams (aka Product Teams) can release updated versions of their components as soon as the XDC software quality criteria are met. Thought the project Continuous Integration and Delivery System tests are continuously run giving feedback on the status of the components.

Support Model

  • in a Major Release for each component or service only the latest revision released is supported.
  • for each component or service a (major) release is supported at least for the lifetime of the projects’ major release in which this version was released the first time.

Supported platforms

  • eXtreme-DataCloud releases are supported on the following platforms:
    • CentOS7 & Ubuntu 16.04
      • for the products distributed through rpms and deb packages
    • all platforms supporting Docker containers
      • for the products distributed as docker images

Supported artifacts & packaging formats

  • Packages:
    • Binaries: executable packages
    • Sources: when available, package files that contain all of the necessary files to compile/build the respective piece of software
    • Tarballs: clients are distributed as tarballs for all the platforms
  • Containers: Docker images are made available for some of the project software