What’s new

The new versions provides many improvemenets and new features, and in particular in the context of the XDC project in order to support some of the use-cases:

  • improvement of *ls° operations in oneclient to provide better performance when there are many (>10k) files in a single directory.

  • release of python bindings for onedata in a form of onedataFS (https://github.com/onedata/fs-onedatafs), allowed to greatly simplify and improve performance of programmatic operations on data located in Onedata space.

  • specifficaly for the ECRIN use case: - improvement of file indexing performance for scanning a 800k dataset

    provided by ECRIN

  • specifficaly for the CTA use case: - the redesign of the changes stream API, to allow more fine-grained control over the steam,

    that benefits in faster changes stream, and less stress put on a oneprovider instance.

List of RfCs

  • Oneclient:
    • VFS-5826 Increased events test connections
    • VFS-5826 Added opendir and releasedir to OnedataFS
      • Increased default metadata cache size
      • Added support for opendir and releasedir
      • Added persistent directory cache
      • Added directory subscription cancelling
    • VFS-5844 Refactored metadatacache to limit file subscriptions
    • VFS-5965 Added option to emulate large available space
  • Oneprovider:
    • op-worker
      • VFS-5826 Ensure db start at cluster init
        • Add missing event during dir creation
        • Add events during file creation
        • Change max_read_dir_plus_procs value
        • Emmit attr_changed events on chmod and acl change
        • Change events processing - allow subscriptions per dir
  • Onezone:
    • oz-worker
      • VFS-5936 Improve entitlement mapping
        • Merge entitlements with different roles (privileges) to the highest of them
        • Store previous privileges to discover and coalesce later changes in user roles
      • VFS-5940 Rename GUI package verification envs to more intuitive
      • VFS-5205 Hide share CREATE and DELETE operations from Onezone REST API (as they are reserved for Oneprovider logic), return rootFileId as ObjectID in share details
    • onepanel
      • VFS-5994 Make ‘production’ Let’s Encrypt mode the default
      • VFS-5940 Rename oz-worker’s GUI package verification envs to more intuitive

Installation methods

Known Issues

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