What’s new

The new version provides many improvemenets and new features, like:

  • New Quality of Service management system with graphical interface support
  • In particular for the ECRIN and CTA use cases, there are specific changes:
    • Improved changes stream (https://onedata.org/#/home/api/stable/oneprovider?anchor=operation/get_space_changes):
      • fixed a bug where streams were not correctly closed in the Oneprovider
      • introduced new format for subscribing only to events that the user needs (the changes API now accepts json with a POST request)
    • Onedatafs:
      • improved stability of onedatafs when one instance is used by many concurrent threads
    • The ECRIN web portal allows browsing of thousands of clinical studies and related data objects references. It’s a centralized gateway to multiple medical research resources. Key features introduced in this version are:
      • searching studies and related data objects via titles, topics, identifiers and paper DOI,
      • filtering query results based on studies and data objects characteristics,
      • exporting results in a handy PDF format,
      • saving found studies in the browser memory, so that they can be restored later
      • can be configured via a customizable JSON - if you want to change filters, you don’t have to change the source code!

List of RfCs

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Installation methods

Known Issues

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