What’s new

This version provides not only a couple of important new features, like the timeout for deployment creation/update and credentials management for providers not integrated with IAM, but also improvements and bug fixes detailed bellow

List of RfCs

  • New features:

    • Added timeout for deployment creation/update. The following new parameters can be used for the REST API call to /deployment (POST/PUT):
      • timeoutMins: overall timeout for the deployment creation/update;
      • providerTimeoutMins: timeout for the deployment creation/update on single provider.
    • Added credentials management for providers not integrated with IAM
    • the credentials are automatically retrieved from Vault
  • Improvements

    • Updated A4C Tosca Parser library (v2.1.0-DEEP-1.2.1) that fixes problem with block device attachment.
    • Updated IM Java Client library (v0.4.14).
    • Now users can list only their own deployments. Only users belonging to a specific IAM group (configured in the mandatory field “admingroup”) can list all the deployments and their details.
    • Improved retry strategy for Marathon deployments
  • Bug fixed:

    • Fixed OnedataSpace resource management
    • Fixed configuration (application.properties)

Service Dependencies

The PaaS Orchestrator v.2.3.0-FINAL has the following services dependencies

  • CMDB release v0.5, must be populated by CIP 0.10.6 (docker image indigodatacloud/cmdb:indigo_2)
  • SLAM release v2.0.0 (docker image indigodatacloud/slam:v2.0.0)
  • CPR release v0.7.0 (docker image indigodatacloud/cloudproviderranker:indigo_2)
  • Monitoring - Zabbix Wrapper 1.0.2 (docker image indigodatacloud/zabbix-wrapper:indigo_2)
    • Monitoring probes: Openstack probe 1.4.2, Mesos probe 1.4 and QCG probe 1.0
  • IM release >= 1.9.1
  • (Optional) Onedata v18.0.2-rc[11,12]
  • tosca-types v4.0.X

Installation methods

Known Issues

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