What’s new

  • QoS classes
    • Addition of QoS classes and QoS API when interacting with namespace entries.
      • An administrator of the system may define QoS classes, which are composed of a set of storage properties and allowed QoS transitions.
      • Using the CLI interface (or via HTTP calls), a client may query the QoS class of an entry or request a QoS transition.
      • QoS classes for a particular entry are identified at runtime.
    • CDMI gateway for QoS transitions
      • Requires the cdmi-eos-qos plugin for the CDMI server
    • Converter engine
      • The converter engine is composed of two main components: Converter Driver and Converter Scanner.
      • The Converter Driver has been reworked using a threadpool approach and saving the information in persistent storage (QuarkDB implementation). This allows persistence (in case of an MGM shutdown), as well as more flexibility over the conversion execution, such as runtime configurable threads and runtime statistics.
    • Upcoming change:
      • The Converter Scanner is a new component, using persistent storage as well, acting like a background daemon, which scans namespace entries and identifies files suitable for conversion, according to a given filter criteria.

List of RfCs

  • New features and improvements: - XSD-212 - Implement the EOS QoS query command, allowing a user to query the existing QoS of a given file - XSD-213 - Implement an EOS QoS native API - XSD-214 - Implement the EOS QoS set command, allowing a user to set the desired QoS property of a given file - XSD-215 - Provide EOS QoS HTTP REST Interface - XSD-217 - Mechanism to import a file into the EOS namespace - XSD-218 - VOMS security extractor for XrdHttp - XSD-219 - File traversal over HTTP

Known Issues

  • N/A

Installation methods

Installation (same as updating) is done via RPM package managers. - Same installation guidelines as for the general release of EOS apply


For XDC-2, EOS using QuarkDB config is needed: - To start a QuarkDB server, refer to the following: https://eos-docs.web.cern.ch/eos-docs/configuration/quarkdb.html - To setup EOS to use QuarkDB config, refer the following: https://eos-docs.web.cern.ch/eos-docs/configuration/master_quarkdb.html

List of Artifacts

  • CentOS-7 RPMS
    • in group applications/file
      • eos-archive - The EOS archive daemon
      • eos-cleanup - The EOS test package
      • eos-client - The EOS shell client
      • eos-fuse - The new EOS fuse client
      • eos-fuse-core - The EOS fuse client
      • eos-fuse-sysv - The EOS fuse client
      • eos-fusex - The new EOS fuse client
      • eos-fusex-cern-autofs - The autofs mounter for CERN EOS user/project mounting
      • eos-fusex-core - The new EOS fuse client
      • eos-fusex-selinux - The new EOS fuse client selinux configuration
      • eos-ns-inspect - EOS namespace inspection tool for instance administrators
      • eos-server - The EOS server installation
      • eos-srm - The EOS srm script package for checksumming and space
      • eos-test - The EOS test package
      • eos-testkeytab - The EOS testkeytab package
    • in Development/Debug
      • eos-debuginfo - Debug information for package eos

New plugin: cdmi-eos-qos plugin