What’s new

Upstream corresponding version: v. 6.1.3


  • dCacheView: uses inotify-over-SSE to keep page up-to-date.
  • storage-events:
    • added missing events in inotify-over-SSE.
    • performance and robustness improvements for inotify-over-SSE
  • Optional TLS for p2p transfers
  • Zone-aware cell messaging
  • New serialization format


  • Starting release 6.1 the BerkeleyDBMetaDataRepository is the default metadata repository for the pools. Sites that was not explicitly specifying pool.plugins.meta property have to set the old default value: pool.plugins.meta=org.dcache.pool.repository.meta.file.FileMetaDataRepository
  • Pool in 6.1.x are not compatible with older dcap doors. However, new dcap doors can operate with existing pools.

List of RfCs

Release 6.1

  • cleaner: can delay garbage-collection of deleted data
  • dCacheView: uses inotify-over-SSE to keep page up-to-date.
  • ftp:
    • added anonymous FTP support
    • added FTP-with-StartTLS (FTPS) support
  • messaging:
    • services prefer zone-local services when making internal requests.
    • added experimental high-performance serialiser.
  • namespace:
    • remove unnecessary DB operations on file creation.
    • fixed operation with read-only database connections.
  • poolmanager:
    • added support for dynamic pool groups
  • pools:
    • added support for zones.
    • can now garbage-collect additional capacity under space pressure.
  • security:
    • added support for clients presenting SciTokens
  • storage-events:
    • added open/read/write/close events in inotify-over-SSE.
  • xrootd:
    • added support for third-party copy (xrootd-TPC)
    • added support for request signing

Known Issues

  • None

List of Artifacts