What’s new

This version provides a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes

List of RfCs

  • New features:
    • Get Onedata access token using the user IAM token (fixes #294 XSD-27)
    • Describe Dynafed resources in TOSCA (fixes #295 XSD-30)
    • Extend the scheduling strategy using Dynafed (fixes #296 XSD-32)
    • Implement Cloud Providers Retry Logic (#288 DPD-121)
    • Retrieve of information from CMDB (fixes #290 DPD-124)
    • AuthN through OIDC (fixes #291 DPD-125)
    • Add support for mesos tasks with GPUs (fixes #292 DPD-126)
    • Support IM async infrastructure creation #289
    • Allow to import custom CAs in the java truststore #238
  • Improvements
    • Improve OneData Spaces definition through templates (fixes #293 XSD-28)
  • Bug fixed:
    • Return 409 status code for SQLTransientExceptions #285
    • (MySql) Timestamp columns have implicit default value assigned #283

Known Issues

The PaaS Orchestrator v.2.1.1-FINAL has the following services dependencies

  • CMDB release v0.4 (docker image indigodatacloud/cmdb:indigo_2)
  • SLAM release v2.0.0 (docker image indigodatacloud/slam:v2.0.0)
  • CPR release v0.6.0 (docker image indigodatacloud/cloudproviderranker:indigo_2)
  • Monitoring - Zabbix Wrapper 1.0.2 (docker image indigodatacloud/zabbix-wrapper:indigo_2)
  • IM release >= 1.7.4 * (Optional) Onedata v18.0.2-rc[11,12]
  • tosca-types v3.0.0

List of Artifacts