What’s new

The new versions provides many improvemenets and new features, from which the most important are:

  • improvements in the metadata extraction, ingestion and manipulation
  • WebDAV support
  • improvied data monotoring API allowsing to monitor the changes in data and depending on the type of the change invoking actions, ie. data replication
  • improved speed of indexing of large datasets
  • implementation of user defined data indexes, used for querring the data based on specyfic metadata

List of RfCs

  • Oneclient:

    • VFS-4902 Added maximum upload size and connection pool size params
    • VFS-4902 Added WebDAV helper
    • VFS-4843 Adjusted default prefetch evaluation frequency
    • VFS-4843 Optimized random read prefetch calculation
    • VFS-4804 Fixed macaroon error handling
    • VFS-4804 Fixed handshake error handling
    • VFS-4804 Fixed reconnect
    • VFS-4804 Removed rest based full file prefetch
    • VFS-4741 Added sync block prefetch option
    • VFS-4809 Added prefetch skipping for prefetched offsets
    • VFS-4800 Fixed prefetch offset cache
    • VFS-4800 Added block aligned prefetch offset cache
    • VFS-4772 Align block prefetch offsets to cluster window size
    • VFS-4660 Added synchronize block priority handling
    • VFS-4656 Added cephrados helper
  • Oneprovider:

    • VFS-4936 Add function to change space support size
    • VFS-4830 add add_reduce function
    • Updating GUI, including: VFS-4454-login-loader-close * VFS-4454 Fix hanging authorization loader spinner
    • Upgrade rtransfer_link.
    • Added support for webdav
    • VFS-4936 Check if space exists when handling REST call
    • VFS-4936 Add space support resizing
    • VFS-4656 Added cephrados helper
    • VFS-4463 Showing storage in GUI on storages view
    • VFS-4560 Detect existing Let’s Encrypt certificates
    • VFS-4029 Better certificate hostname verification
    • VFS-4504 Set min and max port for distributed erlang
  • Onezone:

    • VFS-4623 Add defaults to dns config envs
    • Updating GUI, including: VFS-4702-auth-icons-config * VFS-4702 Support for customizable authorization providers icons, colors and names

    VFS-4614 New Universal auth.config for OIDC/SAML Identity Providers

    • VFS-4633 Tokens are not consumed upon failed operation
    • VFS-4029 Better certificate hostname verification
    • VFS-4029 Support http Let’s Encrypt challenge in OZ and OP
    • VFS-4560 Detect existing Let’s Encrypt certificates
    • VFS-4504 Set min and max port for distributed erlang

Known Issues

  • N/A