What’s new

Dynafed 1.3.3 allows configuration of multiple concurrent authentication systems via separate namespace prefixes. It supports now OpenID Connect, both as a Relying Party (redirecting a browser to an IdP) and Protected Resource (consuming oauth access tokens for non-interactive access), facilitating in this way the integration with the XDC Orchestrator and allowing browser based access without X509 certificates. This is configured through Apache’s mod_auth_openidc.

More information on the “Authentication and Authorisation” section of documentation

List of RfCs

  • XSD-31 - Enable oauth2.0 for accessing Dynafed

Known Issues

  • N/A

List of Artifacts

  • CentOS-7 RPMS - in group applications/internet
    • dynafed - Ultra-scalable dynamic system for federating HTTP-based storage resources
    • dynafed-dmlite-frontend - dmlite plugin for dynafed
    • dynafed-dmlite-plugin - dmlite plugin for dynafed
    • dynafed-http-plugin - Http and WebDav plugin for dynafed
    • dynafed-lfc-plugin - Logical File catalog (LFC) plugin for dynafed
    • dynafed-private-devel - Development files for dynafed